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Business License/Occupational Tax

Contact: Cindy Lanham, 770-920-7348, email: - Tammy Carden, Compliance Officer, 770-920-7351

8700 Hospital Drive - First Floor, Development Services, Douglas County Courthouse
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
Phone: 770.920.7351 - Fax: 770.920.7482


Any person conducting business, via sales or service which originate and operate within Douglas County is required to obtain a Business License and pay an Occupational Tax. It is the responsibility of the business owner to maintain a current and active Business License.

The Occupational Tax Department is responsible for issuing Occupational Tax Registrations for In-home and Commercial locations, better known as a business license, for the unincorporated jurisdiction of Douglas County (unincorporated meaning not located within the Cities of Austell, Douglasville or Villa Rica even if you have a mailing address/zip code of Austell, Douglasville or Villa Rica).

In addition to Occupational Tax Registrations, this office has other responsibilities.

  • Issue Server Permits (to serve alcohol to customers in a restaurant or bar setting) for the following facilities:
    • AMVETS Post 118, Bankhead Highway, Lithia Springs
    • Applebee's Restaurant #33, Thornton Road, Lithia Springs
    • Burke's Grille, Chapel Hill Road, Douglasville
    • Foxhall Resort, Capps Ferry Road, Douglasville
    • Hilton Garden Inn, Thornton Road, Lithia Springs
    • Johnny's Pizza, Thornton Road, Lithia Springs
    • Marlene's, Emery Circle, Austell
    • Mr. PJ's Buffalo Wings, Chapel Hill Road, Douglasville
    • The Olive Tree, Thornton Road, Lithia Springs
    • St. Andrews Country Club & Golf, Edinburg Drive, Winston
    • Tony's Mexican Restaurant, Chapel Hill Road, Douglasville

    NOTE: If it is a facility/location other than what is listed above or inside Douglasville, please contact the City of Douglasville at 770.920.3010 for a server permit.

  • Collections of excise tax for Liquor, Beer & Wine, and Hotels
  • Door-to-Door Sales Permits
  • Passenger Carrying Vehicle Identification Badges
  • Alcohol Beverage Licenses
  • Enforcing Occupational Tax & Alcohol Ordinances, issuing citations and court summons for ordinance violations.
While maintaining the above responsibilities, it is vital for continuous education on the changing of State-mandated laws. Research is necessary to continually update the records and keep uniform with State Department of Revenue and Internal Revenue Service regulations.

The Occupational Tax Department will strive to uphold the laws and regulations for our community and the public.

On the right-hand side of this web page are several links that will direct you to the proper department for your particular need. If you should need further assistance, please call our office at 770.920.7351.

Applying for a New Business License
Before beginning your new business, and prior to applying for your new Business Registration, your business location must be approved. In order to be considered for approval, please complete and submit the Business Location Profile Form prior to submitting an application for a Business Registration/Business License.

To verify which tax district to apply for an Occupational Tax Certificate/Business License, please click on the link to the right of this web page titled "GIS INSTRUCTIONS FOR TAX DISTRICT". The following steps are required to obtain a Business License in the unincorporated area of Douglas County.

  1. Complete the Business Location Profile. You may submit the form:
    • via e-mail to;
    • fax to 770.920.7482;
    • mail to Douglas County Occupational Tax, 8700 Hospital Drive, Douglasville, GA 30134;
    • or deliver it to Douglas County Occupational Tax, 1st floor, Development Services, Douglas County Courthouse, 8700 Hospital Drive, Douglasville, GA 30134.

    The approval process takes 3 - 7 business days for in-home offices, and a minimum of 7 days for commercial businesses. Occupational Tax will contact you via phone or e-mail once you are approved.

  2. Once you are approved, you will need to provide the following.

    Driver's License - must match your address. If you are a resident alien, you must also bring in a valid permanent resident card/employment authorization cardDriver's License - If you are a resident alien, you must also bring in a valid permanent resident card/employment authorization card.
    Utility Bill (gas, electric, water, phone, cable) with the correct name & address - If you do not have a utility bill in your name, your roommate, spouse, landlord, partner, or significant other may provide a copy of their utility bill and a notarized letter authorizing you to have a business at the location. (We can provide a template for this letter upon request.)Copy of the lease or proof of ownership.

    For both In-Home and Commercial: If you are not going to name your business your legal name, you will need to obtain a Trade Name/DBA or Articles of Incorporation or documents for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered with the Georgia Secretary of State.

    Registering a Trade Name/Fictitious Name/DBA

    It is State Law for any business that is not operating under their legal name, but rather a fictitious/trade name and is not registered with the Georgia Secretary of State as an Incorporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), etc., to register with the County where it will transact a majority of its business. This allows creditors and others the opportunity to learn the identity of the actual owner, since it will be the owner who is personally liable for the debts and obligations of the business. A Trade Name/DBA can be obtained at the Douglas County Clerk of Superior Court, 2nd floor, Judicial side, Douglas County Courthouse, 8700 Hospital Drive, Douglasville 30134, phone 770.920.7252.

  3. Complete the appropriate list of documents below and bring them to our office. The affidavits must be signed in the presence of a Notary. (We have a Notary in our office.)

    The minimum amount you owe will be $95, it is based on your estimated gross receipts. We accept check, money order, cash, VISA and MasterCard, and debit cards (no counter checks.

    New applications are accepted between the hours of 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday - Friday. Renewal payments are accepted until 3:45 p.m.

Relocating or Closing Business:
All businesses prior to relocating must be approved. To be considered for approval, you must complete and submit the Business Location Profile form (same as a new location). The approval process takes 3 to 7 business days. All businesses that are closing are required to notify the Occupational Tax Department.

Yard Sales! Call 770.920.7468
Yard sale permit numbers must be on all signs posted. No signs are to be in the right of way and are to be removed immediately after the sale. Citations can be issued to those that do not comply with County Ordinances. You may obtain a permit number by calling 770.920.7468. You may also request a permit by e-mailing

Yard Sale Permits
Alcohol Server Permits
Alcohol Beverage Licensing

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