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Douglas County Comprehensive Transportation Plan

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The Douglas County Comprehensive Transportation Plan Final Document and Summary are now available.

The Douglas County Board of Commissioners initiated the development of its first ever 25-year Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) in collaboration with the cities of Austell, Douglasville, and Villa Rica to tackle transportation issues on a county-wide basis. This unprecedented plan will serve as a blueprint for transportation investments for the county and cities for the next 25 years. The first ever CTP document supports transportation decision making and transportation policy. The CTP intended use is to provide guidance and framework for development of the County's subsequent updates of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

The purpose of the CTP is to evaluate current and future demands for transportation in light of current and predicted residential and business growth over the next 25 years. The CTP process analyzed complete access to transportation, effects on the environment and air quality, current and future land use planning, congestion issues, alternative transportation opportunities (bike, pedestrian, transit, etc.), existing road system maintenance, and new construction needs.

Public and citizen input was an important element of the CTP planning process and residents, businesses, industries, institutions, and agencies were instrumental in this planning and study process.

The Douglas County Comprehensive Transportation Plan was adopted by the Douglas County Board of Commissioners on November 3, 2009.

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A. Comprehensive Transportation Plan Table of Contents - 12.7KB
B. Part One: Final Recommendations Report - 5728.2KB

C. Part Two: Needs Assessment - 6679.2KB
D. Part Three: Inventory of Existing Conditions - 17639.3KB

E. Part Four: Sub-Area Needs Assessment - 1782.7KB
F. Part Five: Intelligent Transportation Systems - 1069.6KB

G. Part Six: Freight Transportation - 12238.1KB
H. Part Seven: School-Related Transportation Needs Assessment - 280.5KB

I. Part Eight: Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs Assessment - 1701.8KB
J. Part Nine: Alternative Transportation Choice Assessment - 201.8KB

K. Part Ten: Deficient Bridges Technical Memorandum - 1008.2KB
L. Part Eleven: Land Use and Transportation - 3025.2KB

M. Part Twelve: Financial Plan Technical Memorandum - 66.9KB
N. Appendix: Roadway Project Prioritization and Constrained Action Plan - 53.6KB

Public Involvement - Comprehensive Transportation Plan Community Survey. - 23.9KB
Comprehensive Transportation Plan Community Fact Sheet. - 169.4KB

Public Involvement - Comprehensive Transportation Plan Scheduled Public Meetings - 131.6KB

Public Involvement - Comprehensive Transportation Plan Visioning Workshops Presentation - 6599.9KB

Public Involvement - CTP Kick Off Meeting Summary - 277.1KB

Public Involvement - Visioning Workshop Community Spending by Meeting Location - 94.1KB
Public Involvement - Visioning Workshop Total Community Spending by Sectors - 87.9KB

Public Meeting Presentation Materials - 4127.5KB

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