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Urban Redevelopment Plan

Contact: Ron Roberts, AICP - Planning & Zoning Manager

Douglas County Courthouse, 1st floor - 8700 Hospital Drive
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
Phone: 770.920.7241
Fax: 770.920.7356

An Urban Redevelopment Plan is a general blueprint for redevelopment and targeting of public and/or private investments in an identified redevelopment area. The adoption of an Urban Redevelopment Plan is the first step in the process of receiving an Opportunity Zone designation.

Thornton/Bankhead Urban Redevelopment Plan
The Urban Redevelopment Plan for portions of Thornton Road and Bankhead Highway was adopted on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 and is available for review as a downloadable document on this page.

Opportunity Zone
The Opportunity Zone narrative is also available for review as a downloadable document on this page.

Proposed Expansion of Thornton Road Urban Redevelopment Area/Opportunity Zone
In February 2013, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners gave approval to prepare a proposed expansion to the Thornton Road Urban Redevelopment Plan and to the Opportunity Zone. The proposed expansion is outlined in the downloadable documents section and is anticipated to have a public hearing in April 2013.