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Connect Douglas - Douglas County Fixed Route Bus Service

Connect Douglas Fleet
Connect Douglas Fleet 
Contact: Gary Watson - Director

Douglas County Transportation Center - 8800 Dorris Road
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
Phone: 770.949.7665
Fax: 770.920.7515

The Douglas County Transportation Center is open to the public. Effective June 22, the Transportation Center will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Visitors to the Transportation Center are asked to use hand sanitizer and masks. Both will be available as you enter the Transportation Center. All CDC and health department guidelines are being followed as the Transportation Center re-opens. If you need to see a Connect Douglas staff member face-to-face, we ask that you schedule an appointment. Meetings will be conducted in the lobby of the Transportation Center. The Transportation Center is located at 8800 Dorris Road in Douglasville. Fixed route bus service is currently running 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The commuter vanpool program remains suspended until further notice.

Connect Douglas is the transit, public transportation and mobility services division of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners. Services include fixed route bus service, ADA paratransit service, commuter vanpools, mobility assistance for senior adults and disabled individuals, travel training and Xpress bus service to Atlanta (operated by the Georgia State Roads and Tollway Authority). Although some services such as fixed route and assistance for seniors and disabled are relatively new, vanpool commuting has been offered since 1986 under the name Douglas County Rideshare. In Fall 2018, Rideshare became Connect Douglas to better identify Douglas County's goal of providing transit and mobility services for all residents of our community. A history of Rideshare/Connect Douglas is offered among other valuable information about Connect Douglas services.

<font color=red>COVID-19 Fixed Route Bus Alert</font>
COVID-19 Fixed Route Bus Alert 
Fixed Route Bus Service
Fixed route service is simple. Buses travel along the same path to the same locations throughout the day every day. Connect Douglas operates four routes. Schedules for the four routes are included with the documents in the green section to the right. The standard one-way fare is $2.50. A ten trip pass is available for $25 and a 31-day unlimited pass is $75. Senior adults, individuals with disabilities and students can get a one-way ticket for $1, a 10-trip ticket for $10 and a 31-day pass for $31. You can use exact change to pay for your trip as you get on the bus, or can purchase one-way, 10-trip or 31-day passes at the Douglas County Transportation Center. As part of its fixed route service, Connect Douglas offers "flex service." By calling in advance and making a reservation, a bus will "flex" off its fixed route to pick up an individual. After the individual is picked up, the bus returns to its regular fixed route. Flex trips can be scheduled as early as 24 hours in advance, or as late as two hours before the trip needs to be made. You must live within one mile of a Connect Douglas fixed route to qualify for a flex pick up. In order to keep buses on schedule, Connect Douglas has to limit the number of flex trips that are available.

ADA Paratransit
Connect Douglas realizes that not everyone, particularly individuals with a disability, can use basic fixed route service. That is the purpose of paratransit service which is a requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act. To be eligible for paratransit service, an individual must go through a certification process with Connect Douglas. Once an individual is certified, they can call Connect Douglas and make a reservation to be picked up at their location and taken to their desired location. The location of an individual desiring a paratransit trip must be within one mile of a Connect Douglas fixed route.

Stay Connected!
Download the "Passio Go" mobile app to track the Connect Douglas fixed route buses live on your smartphone. The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app, at "Select Agency," choose Connect Douglas to view the location of the transit system's buses. Stay connected with Connect Douglas by calling 770-949-7665, visiting us on the web at or e-mailing us at

The Voucher Program
Connect Douglas offers a Voucher program for senior adults age 60 and over and for individuals with disabilities age 19 to 59. In the Voucher program, an eligible participant buys "vouchers" to pay a private provider for a trip. Seniors can purchase $100 of vouchers for $10 each month. Individuals with disabilities can purchase $200 of vouchers for $20 each month. There is no restriction on what type of trip can be taken. For seniors, there is an income restriction. Individuals with a disability must provide a doctor's certificate declaring they are not able to use standard transportation services.

Connect Douglas has vanpools that take commuters to work locations throughout metro Atlanta. A vanpool is organized when a group of individuals, usually 5 to 10 who work in the same general area, have an interest in riding together. The groups works with the Connect Douglas office to determine a fare rate and schedules for the van's operations. One or more members of the group agree to drive and handle administrative duties such as fueling the van, making the Connect Douglas staff aware of mechanical issues with the van, and completing monthly paper work. There are three huge advantages to vanpooling: (1) Each participant saves money (2) You don't have to drive, which is a significant stress reliever, and (3) It reduces the number of vehicles on the road. Connect Douglas gladly works with groups or individuals who are interested in vanpooling. We assist with identifying potential drivers, riders and locations.
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Connect Douglas
Watch this short clip on how to ride the all-new Connect Douglas Fixed Route Bus Service.

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