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Alcohol Beverage Licensing

Contact: Fran Goss, - Compliance Officer

8700 Hospital Dr.
Douglasville, GA 30134
Phone: 770.920.7348
Fax: 770.920.7482

The Occupational Tax office is responsible for issuing and regulating Beer, Wine, and Liquor licenses.

The Costs are:
  • Beer License is $500.00 and Wine License is $500.00 and renewable annually for $1000.00.
  • Liquor License is $5,000.00 and renewable annually for $5,000.00.

Rules and Regulations:
  • The physical location must meet Douglas County zoning requirements.
  • All licenses must be approved by the Board of Commissioners.
  • Resident of Georgia for one year.
  • Citizen of the U.S./Resident alien.
  • Background check from the Douglas County Sheriff's Department in Douglasville
  • RASS training certificate.
  • Three letters of reference.

Further Information
To apply please complete the Douglas County Application for Alcohol License, which is available to right of this web page in the green bar. Upon completion of the application and supporting documentation, please contact Occupational Tax @ 770.920.7348, to make an appointment to submit the application.