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Saturday, December 3, 2016
Utility Permitting/Development Inspection
Todd Perkins, Utility Engineer/Construction Engineer
Todd Perkins, Utility Engineer/Construction Engineer 
Contact: Todd Perkins - Utility Engineer/Construction Engineer
8700 Hospital Drive - First Floor Courthouse
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
Phone: 678.626.5643 - Fax: 770.920.4933

The Utility Engineer is the authorized representative of the Director responsible for utility coordination on Douglas County right of way for road construction projects, new installations, relocations, transportation solutions, and engineering support. In general, the Utility Engineer is responsible for all utility construction permitting activities within Douglas County right of way. As the primary contact for all utility permit reviews and approvals, this unit enforces Douglas County's rules and regulations for control and protection of its right of way. By working jointly with utility companies, land developers and contractors, the Utility Engineer ensures that all construction activities adheres to Douglas County Department of Transportation's standards and development code guidelines so that construction on County roads and right of way are constructed safely and to a high quality standard that will minimize future maintenance requirements and traffic operational deficiencies.

Todd Perkins, Utility Engineer/Construction Engineer

Chapel Hill @Central Church & Bomar Rd-After Completed Construction
Chapel Hill @Central Church & Bomar Rd-After Completed Construction 
Chapel Hill @Central Church & Bomar Rd - During Construction
Chapel Hill @Central Church & Bomar Rd - During Construction 
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Douglas County Residential Driveway Permit Request Application - 67.8KB

Douglas County Utility Permit Application - 171.4KB

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