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Human Resources

Frederick Perry
Frederick Perry 
- Human Resources Director, Frederick Perry
8700 Hospital Drive - First Floor, Douglas County Courthouse
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
Phone: 770-920-7264

A Note to our Applicants

In the coming weeks, Douglas County Government will be transitioning to an online application processing system in order to provide you with a more convenient and efficient application process. You'll be able to register as a user and apply to any of our job postings just by clicking on the "Apply Now" button of the job posting you are interested in.

Please note that when the online application process goes live:

  • We will no longer accept paper applications, mailed applications or emailed applications.
  • If you have applied in the past you will need to reapply to any positions you are interested in.
  • There will be no need to send an email requesting to have your application submitted to another position - you'll just apply for that position through our new Career Portal.
  • The (1) one year active application period will no longer be a factor.

After your initial registration, you can apply to additional job postings by clicking on the "Apply Now" button. Additional applications will have your information prefilled and you can add, change or delete information as needed. You'll have the capability to upload your resume, a cover letter and any additional documents that may be required or that you deem appropriate to include with your application materials.

We're positive that you will find this change more expedient and conducive to your job search! We thank you for considering Douglas County Government as your next employer and we wish you the very best in your career search.

Thank you,

Douglas County Human Resources

  • Faxes are not accepted
  • Email
  • Mail to:
    Douglas County BOC
    Human Resources Department
    8700 Hospital Drive
    Douglasville, GA 30134

If you already have an active application on file and want to apply for an open position, do not complete another paper application. Please email your request to or call the Human Resources Department at 770.920.7264.


Thank you for your interest in employment with the Douglas County BOC. Please follow these guidelines as you seek to begin your career with Douglas County.

  • Click on the blue link titled "Application for Employment" located on the right hand side of this page under "Downloadable Documents". Download the application to your computer and print it. Applications can also be obtained from the Human Resources Department on the 1st floor of the Douglas County Courthouse.
  • Currently advertised positions are listed on the right hand side of this page. To view the job ad, click on the blue link of the job title that interests you. The job ad reflects the application deadline date and time, a job summary, the minimum qualifications, starting salary etc.
  • Applications remain on file for one year from the date you originally apply for a position. During that year do not complete another paper application.
  • If you want to apply for another position, email your request to or call Human Resources at 770.920.7264.
  • Only ONE paper application per person, per year. You must submit a completed application. Resumes may be attached, but a resume without a completed application will not be considered.
  • Do not submit separate applications for multiple jobs. List the multiple job titles on the application in the "Position(s) Applied For" field.
  • Application fields must be filled out entirely. Resumes are not a substitute for a completed application.
  • Applications are accepted for currently advertised positions only. Do not submit an application for positions that are not advertised; such applications will not be considered.
  • Do not submit an application after the job ad closing date and time; such applications will not be considered.
  • Mailed applications must be received in Human Resources by the job ad closing date and time. Post marks are not considered.

Douglas County Internship Program

Certified Deputy (Full Time) - Sheriff's Office - 141.9KB

Comm Officer Trainee (Full Time) - Sheriff's Office - 141.3KB

Deputy Transportation Director (Full Time) - DOT - 85.9KB

EMT Intermediate or Advanced (Full Time) - Fire & EMS - 164.8KB
EMT Intermediate or Advanced (Part Time) - Fire & EMS - 164.3KB

Equipment Operator I (Full Time) - DOT Maintenance - 86.0KB

Equipment Operator II (Full Time) - DOT Maintenance - 86.9KB

Equipment Operator III (Full Time) - DOT - 141.4KB

Equipment Operator IV (Full Time) - DOT Maintenance - 140.5KB

Fire Hydrant Technician (Part Time) - Fire & EMS - 85.7KB

Foreman I (Full Time) - DOT - Maintenance & Construction - 113.1KB

Jailer I (Full Time) - Sheriff's Office - 141.3KB

Laborer I (Part Time) - Parks and Recreation - 85.4KB

Landfill/Convenience Center Attendant (Part Time) - Landfill - 88.3KB

Library Assistant I (Part Time) - Lithia Springs Library - 140.6KB

Lifeguard (Part Time) - Aquatic Center - 83.3KB

Paramedic (Full Time) - Fire & EMS - 112.1KB
Paramedic (Part Time) - Fire & EMS - 110.3KB

Program Delivery Engineer (Full Time) - DOT Administration - 141.6KB

Senior Services Driver (Part Time) - Senior Services - 141.3KB

Signing & Marking Tech I (Full Time) - DOT Traffic Opns - 88.9KB

Temporary Kennel Technician (Part Time) - Animal Control - 85.8KB

TEMPORARY Program Aide (Part Time) - Parks & Rec - 85.1KB

Transit Services Coordinator (Full Time) - Rideshare - 85.8KB

z PAY SCALE 40 Hour Employees - 355.7KB

z PAY SCALE 42 Hour Employees - 464.8KB

z PAY SCALE 56 Hour Employees - 356.3KB

z PAY SCALE PS40 Hour Certified Public Safety Employees - 308.0KB

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