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Lee Road Extension Study

Contact: Ron Roberts, AICP - Planning and Zoning Manager
8700 Hospital Drive - Douglas County Courthouse, 1st floor, Administrative
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
Phone: 770.920.7241

Douglas County is embarking on an approximately ten-month process to envision and plan the Lee Road extension area. This project has the potential to impact and drive development over the next 10-20 years and become an iconic, livable node along the Highway 92 corridor with a mixture of uses, housing options and complete streets to provide greater accessibility for pedestrians and bicycles and an identifiable downtown district for the County.

The plan will include predictable, practical policies capable of being implemented but ambitious enough to draw excitement and a transformative built environment focused on land use and redevelopment; walkability; neighborhood redevelopment and preservation, where appropriate; and economic development.

This plan will draw upon the unique characteristics of the community and include cutting-edge initiatives that will result in a one-of-a-kind experience for residents and visitors. As metro Atlanta continues to develop and redevelop into numerous activity centers, the plan will ensure that the area includes characteristics that make it a unique and attractive regional destination.

The community engagement plan is one of the most imperative components of the Lee Road Small Area Plan. The existing stakeholders in the community offer relevant and passionate interpretations of the current conditions of the area, as well as noteworthy visions for the future. Douglas County invites all stakeholders and community members to become involved in the process to have their opinions heard. The input received throughout the process will guide the decisions and ultimate vision of the plan.

You may have seen or taken the Community Survey recently. Thank you for your input! We received almost 300 responses. 59 percent of respondents identified walkability as the top quality lacking in Douglas County, with a sense of community and central town center space following with 41 and 38 percent (respondents were not limited to one response). When asked what top three priorities a town center area should focus on providing, space for family-oriented activities was identified as the highest rated top priority, with pathway development and connectivity as the highest rated second priority and safety and security as the highest rated third priority. Restaurants, retail/shopping, and pavilions or other shaded areas were noted as the top three elements desired for the development of the Lee Road area. Identification of these qualities reinforces input Douglas County has received on numerous other plans. These ideas will be integrated into the concept drawings to be released in early 2018 for your feedback. Envision a plan that celebrates the “small town feel” coveted by the Douglas County community.

Next, we’ll attend the Hydrangea Festival to present to you two concepts for the Lee Road area. The concepts will propose two different opportunities for engaging with the existing and proposed street network, so we’ll need your feedback to determine which you prefer. In the meantime, the County Board of Commissioners will be going on a Tour of Town Centers to learn from their counterparts around the region for best practices and lessons learned throughout the process.

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