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911 - Emergency Enhanced 911

Douglas County 911
Douglas County 911 
Contact: Greg Whitaker - Director
8480 Earl D. Lee Boulevard - E-911 Center
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
Phone: 770.949.6408

The Douglas County 911 System is an "enhanced" system; therefore, the "E" in front of the 911. "Enhanced" means that additional equipment has been installed that displays the caller's name, address, and telephone number, an extremely important tool for the E-911 operator if the caller is unable to speak for whatever reason, including trauma or illness. The E-911 Communications Center has four consoles:
  • Call Taker;
  • Supervisor;
  • Fire Dispatch; and
  • Police Dispatch.
There are also back-up consoles when call volume is extremely high, or if a console is malfunctioning. GCIC (Georgia Crime Information Center) and NCIC (National Crime Information Center) data can be accessed from the Supervisor and Police consoles, which is important in advising law enforcement officers who may be in pursuit of, or in contact with, criminals with a violent history. The Center also includes a satellite-linked computer that provides up-to-date weather conditions for storm weather alerts and other information.

Director Greg Whitaker
Director Greg Whitaker 
Severe Weather Warning System Alert

When to Dial 911
In case of any emergency, always dial 911 first:
  • if you or someone else is injured;
  • if you see a theft of any kind;
  • if you see a crime being committed; or
  • if you see a fire or smell smoke.
  • for directory assistance -- call 411;
  • to see if 911 is working -- we are always working, and we have emergency power and redundant back-ups if there are problems;
  • to ask why your electrical power is out -- call your power company; we don't know the answer!
  • as a prank or a joke -- it's against the law, and can be punishable with fines and imprisonment, as well as causing a law enforcement officer to take time that should be used for legitimate purposes!

How 911 Works
In today's day and age, make sure you understand how 911 works. When you call from a land line (wired telephone), 911 operators are usually able to locate the address you are calling from. However, if you call from a cell phone, your call bounces off the closest cell tower and may be routed to a neighboring city... or even a neighboring state. It is important to tell 911 operators what city, county and state you are in. Those operators can then contact your local emergency dispatcher for you. Remember: Always give as much information as possible, even if it seems unnecessary. Don't ever hang up until the dispatcher tells you to!