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Chimes of 1000 clocks - Spring Forward Daylight Savings time Celebration

March 10, 2018: 9 am - 5 pm EST
Where? Champ's Clock SHop
Imagine the sustained sound of 1000 synchronized clocks chiming the Noon Hour together at once! Our 12th Annual Chiming Event to Celebrate the onset of Daylight Savings Time and to Share our Selection with you . It begins with the gentle ticking of majestic Grandfather Clocks, wagging tails and eyes of classic Kit-Cat clocks and suddenly the first Cuckoo calls from a distance. The rich gongs, bells, and chimes begin to swell with an added blend of musical animated and nostalgic tones of time telling history, slowly filling the room. If you still are having a hard time with your imagination, treat yourself to reality at our annual Chimes of 1000 clocks event. Its a euphoric symphony of nostalgia for your Ears. Your eyes will thank you too. Swinging pendulums, cuckooing birds and animated treats in every direction. Champ's is the only place in the world that you can hear a thousand clocks chiming at once. Our staff will spend the better part of a week winding and synchronizing the time on our clocks for one great day filled with chimes that is truly a one of a kind experience. This event is always a media circus of camera flashes, video making and the joining of clock lovers. Do you have ringing in your ears? You will when Sharon Rings the 34" 800 pound McShane Church bell.Bring your friends, family, your cameras and maybe Ear Plugs.Don't worry about lunch, It's on us, with Free Hot Dogs and Coke products while they last.Car and Bike Clubs welcome. Let us know your coming and we'll leave space for you to Set up early and show your pride and joy.For those that can not make it on Saturday, You will experience Hundreds of clocks chiming all through the shop towards the end of the week prior to the event. RSVP on our facebook event page:

For more information, contact champ's clock Shop at 7709422128 or

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