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From the Board of Commissioners and County Manager:

Douglas County Grant Policy and Procedures

April 16, 2008
Download: GrantsPolicyFinal.doc

1. Grant Opportunity
A grant opportunity can be initiated by the Board of Commissioners, County Administrator, Grants Manager or any person within a department that locates or is notified of a funding opportunity.

2. Departmental Review
The department should review and approve the funding possibility. Any commitment (i.e., matching funds, restrictions on use of property, required policies, etc.) from the county should be evaluated. This review should include department head support and sign-off as well as concurrence from any other department affected by the funding.

3. County Administrator & Grants Manager Notification

A. The County Administrator and Grants Manager should be notified of the grant and application intentions. At this time the level of involvement of the Grants Manager and the contract Grant Writer can be identified.

This is also the time in the process to identify match funding. In some cases, especially foundation submissions, special attention must be made to avoid repetitive grant requests from multiple departments.

B. DUNS Number - As of October of 2003, Federal Grants now require applicants to fill out a DUNS number on grant applications.
  • The Douglas County Government should be consistent and use the same DUNS number on all applications registered with D&B for DUNS numbers.
  • The DUNS number that is used should reflect the location and name of Chief Executive Officer (commission chairman) for all financials for one accounting location.
  • To avoid confusion and multiple records and ratings, everyone in the county should use the same DUNS number in the future. The Douglas County Government DUNS number is 06-536-8698.

C. Certifications and Assurances - Departments should review grant applications to determine that Douglas County meets all Certifications and Assurances that are required with the performance of the grant and can adhere to all Certifications and Assurances during the life of the grant.

D. Pass Thru Grants - Procedures for pass thru grants are the same as regular grants. However, a Sub-Recipient Agreement between the county and all sub-recipients is required for all pass thru grant recipients. The county staff attorney can compose the Sub-Recipient Agreement.

4. Application Agenda Item
A. Once the application has been reviewed by the Grants Manager, an official agenda item should be placed before the Board of Commissioners for permission/notification of the funding application.
  • The Agenda Item should be initialed by the Grants Manager and Department Head before it is submitted to the County Administrator.
  • The potential grant's impact on the current year's budget should be discussed in the agenda item.
  • Should you require any assistance in writing this agenda item, you should contact the Grants Manager.
  • Finance should always receive a copy of the agenda item to place in the grant file for the annual audit.

B. Agenda items should be submitted to the County Administrator at least ten days in advance of the commission work session.

C. The grant application has to be signed by the Commission Chairman.
  • The Chairman's signature request should be routed through the Grants Manager's office.
  • The Chairman may need to sign several originals so that the county will have originals on file.

5. Acceptance Agenda Item
A. Once the funding agency has notified the department of the final grant award amount, another official agenda item should be placed before the Board of Commissioners for permission to accept funding.

B. The agenda item should re-cap the initial agenda item.
  • Should you require any assistance in writing these agenda items, you should contact the Grants Manager.
  • Finance should always receive a copy of the agenda item to place in the grant file for the annual audit.

6. Executing Documents
A. Once the Acceptance Agenda Item has been approved by the Board of Commissioners, the funding agency will provide an agreement between the funding agency and the county.
  • This agreement will require the Chairman's signature.
  • Remember, a signed agreement for any department in Douglas County Government with any funding source is a contract. The Commission Chairman is the only person authorized to sign contracts for Douglas County.
  • If a grantor finds that Douglas County does not meet the conditions specified in the contract, funds could be rescinded and the departments could be held responsible for expenses incurred by the grant.

    7. Grant Post Award Process
    A. The Finance Department will need the approved Acceptance Agenda Item and notification from the funding agency to set up the grant budget in the system.
    • The Senior Accountant and Grants Manager should have copies of everything essential to the grant from start to finish, including acceptance documents signed by the Chairman.
    • Departments must verify that expenses are approved and allowable under the grant guidelines.

    B. All copies of pertinent documents for the grant (the application, contract and special conditions) should be forwarded to the Finance Department's Senior Accountant as well as the Grants Manager.
    • Be aware of grant requirements. The Special Conditions as outlined by the funding source should be followed and copied to Finance.
    • Grant fund origins (State or Federal agencies) need to be identified so they can be included in the county's annual Comprehensive Financial Report (audit).
    • The Finance Department and Grants Manager require the funding agency contact person information for your grant.
    • In addition, the Senior Accountant will need any financial reports (reimbursement requests and/or monthly reports) that the county is required to complete and return to the funding agency. It is especially important that the Finance Department receive a copy of any Payment Request the department submits to the funding agency. This is of great benefit to the Finance Department in tracking payments as they are received.

    8. Grant Budgets And Reporting
    A. Once a grant has been awarded, the Department Head or his designee will meet with the Grants Manager and Senior Accountant from Finance.
    • The Senior Accountant will explain how Finance will track the grant money. He will also go over the documents he will need from the department, and the timetable on which the documents need to be submitted.
    • If the department is responsible for financial reporting, it should be done on a timely basis and copied to the Finance Department and the Grants Manager.
    • The department prepares and submits any program reporting, but they should also send copies to the Grants Manager and Finance Department.
    • Any letters sent to the department from the funding agency should be copied to the Senior Accountant and the Grants Manager.

    9. Grant Closing
    A. When the grant is closing, the Senior Accountant and Grants Manager will be assisting in filling out any financial closeout documentation required by the funding agency.
    • The department is responsible for any final programmatic reporting, but it should be copied to the Grants Manager and Finance Department.
    • Immediate notification of grant completion and close out is required.
    • If the grant is approaching the end of its term and the department feels they may not be able to expend all monies in time, they should contact the funding agency, and notify the Grants Manager and Finance.
    • In some cases, a grant extension can be requested depending on the terms of the contract. However, it is the responsibility of the department to request this grant extension.
    • If an extension is given, the Senior Accountant and Grants Manager should be copied on the notification sent to and from the funding agency.

    10. Final Advice

    A. Grants can be very instrumental in helping departments provide more efficient and/or additional services to the citizens of Douglas County. However, there are several important items to keep in mind.
    • Grants require a great deal of attention through an on-going process, from the initial application all the way through to the close-out.
    • Polices and procedures of the funding agency have to be carefully followed, as do the policies and procedures for Douglas County.
    • Grant performance is subject to review at the county level through the annual Single Audit, and through various reviews conducted by the funding agencies.
    • Our performance with a grant, whether good or bad, can impact our ability to receive future grants.
    • It is vitally important for you to maintain good records for your grants.
    • Don't be hesitant to ask for assistance from the Grants Manager of Grants Consultant.

    Approved by the Board of Commissioners on April 15, 2008.

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