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The Douglas County Board of Commissioners will begin holding night legislative/voting meetings on March 21st. The meetings will be held at 7 p.m. and will be broadcast live on dctv23. Due to the new Commission meeting schedule, the dctv23 broadcast schedule has been revised.

Board of Commissioners meetings have been broadcast live since 1998, and replayed unedited numerous times between meetings. This will continue under the new schedule with live broadcasts during meetings and unedited replays at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. daily, except on Friday nights when the Friday Night Drive-in Movie plays.

Time on the new schedule has been reserved for a show in development that will feature the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, its staff and programs. This new show is scheduled to being airing in April or early May.

12 midnightJobTV12 noonJobTV
12:30 a.m.JobTV12:30 p.m.JobTV
1:00 a.m.JobTV1:00 p.m.JobTV
1:30 a.m.Bulletin Board1:30 p.m.Bulletin Board
2:00 a.m.focus roundtable2:00 p.m.focus roundtable
2:30 a.m.focus roundtable (continues)2:30 p.m.focus roundtable (continues)
3:00 a.m.Storytime at the Library3:00 p.m.Storytime at the Library
3:30 a.m.Pet Pause3:30 p.m.Pet Pause
4:00 a.m.87004:00 p.m.8700
4:30 a.m.Douglas County News Exchange4:30 p.m.Douglas County News Exchange
5:00 a.m.District Dialogue5:00 p.m.District Dialogue
5:30 a.m.District Dialogue (continues)5:30 p.m.District Dialogue (continues)
6:00 a.m.Clearly6:00 p.m.Clearly
6:30 a.m.Clearly (continues)6:30 p.m.Clearly (continues)
7:00 a.m.Bulletin Board7:00 p.m.BOC Meeting
7:30 a.m.Bulletin Board7:30 p.m.BOC Meeting (continues)
8:00 a.m.Sheriff8:00 p.m.BOC Meeting (continues)
8:30 a.m.Sheriff (continues)8:30 p.m.BOC Meeting (continues)
9:00 a.m.Servings9:00 p.m.Servings
9:30 a.m.Servings (continues)9:30 p.m.Servings (continues)
10:00 a.m.BOC Meeting10:00 p.m.Sheriff
10:30 a.m.BOC Meeting (continues)10:30 p.m.Sheriff (continues)
11:00 a.m.BOC Meeting (continues)11:00 p.m.dctv23 Presents
11:30 a.m.BOC Meeting (continues)11:30 p.m.dctv23 Presents (continues)

dctv23 is the Douglas County government television channel and is viewed on Comcast Channel 23, AT&T U-verse Channel 99, with simulcast on All dctv23 programs, including Board of Commissioners' meetings, are available on demand from dctv23 is part of the Douglas County Department of Communications and Community Relations.

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