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Douglas County Firefighters returned to the scene Friday morning to investigate the cause of a large fire that occurred after a propane explosion at Blossman Propane Gas and Appliance located at 8905 Highway 5 in Douglasville, Ga. At this time all investigators agree that the fire appears to be accidental.

After a joint fire scene examination and witness interviews, all fire investigators agree that a fuel air explosion occurred at ground level under an open-air pole barn propane transfer station. At the time of the explosion, an employee was refilling 143-33 lb bottles on the rear of a flatbed truck from a 29,000 gallon tank. After the initial explosion occurred and the fire was burning, additional fuel air explosions could be seen and heard as other bottles exploded.

Explosion proof electrical junctions, flow valves and spark proof nozzles were in place and could be eliminated as ignition sources. Fluorescent lighting was eliminated as a cause. Investigators have ruled out cigarette smoking as a possible cause.

At this time, the potential for a static electric charge caused by human motion or positive pressure gas flow rapidly igniting fugitive propane cannot be ruled out.

The fire is ruled accidental. Early damage estimated to exceed $400,000.

This incident began around 8:39pm Thursday night when the Douglas County E-911 Center was flooded with phone calls where citizens described hearing sounds of explosions. Douglas County Fire Company 10, Company 11, Engine 2 and Company 5 along with units 441, 401 and 402 responded to battle the blaze. An immediate evacuation was ordered of businesses in the close surrounding area. Law enforcement officers from the Douglasville Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office assisted with rerouting traffic.

This was a very potentially dangerous situation that was averted by fast quick action of our Douglas County First responders. Public Safety is a priority and we succeeded.

There were no injuries.

Investigating agencies include a Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, The State Fire Marshal's office and of course the Douglas County Fire Department.

Below released statement by Blossman Gas Regarding the Douglasville Fire

"At approximately 8:45PM, EDT on November 2nd, there was an isolated fire at our Douglasville, GA location. There were no reported injuries and the fire is now extinguished. We are in the process of assessing the cause and coordinating with local authorities. Blossman Gas personnel are on scene and we would like to commend and thank all emergency response personnel who were there.""

- Scott Weatherford, Director of Safety and Compliance, Blossman Gas

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Emily McCollin


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