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Douglasville, Ga. – Douglas County Board of Commissioners Chairman Dr. Romona Jackson Jones thanked a slew of staff leadership for their hard work and effort towards balancing and adopting the 2018 budget. Jones thanked County Administrator Mark Teal, Finance Team, Department Directors, Constitutional Officers, Elected Officials and the Board of Commissioners for their hard work and dedication towards the common goal of balancing and adopting a challenged 2018 budget. With 32 years of leadership and budget experience, Chairman Jones' proven track record of tackling turbulent budgets is evident by her disciplined approach and critical thinking skills, particularly as Douglas County was facing an 8.5 million dollar shortfall from the previous administration.

Chairman Jones credits fundamentals of leadership in helping balance the budget. "Success came because as a leader I utilized conservative core values to remedy budgetary problems by reducing and monitoring spending without interrupting services and impacting organizational bottom lines," Jones said. "The adoption of this budget will restore Douglas County's limits on the growth of local government," Jones said. "The 2018 budget marks a new era in Douglas County, and our future stability and success rests on the wings of discipline and being good stewards of our resources," Jones said.

As Christmas approaches, Chairman Jones announced her administration would continue to align the County's budgetary processes with her strategic priorities. These include maintaining to find cost savings opportunities whether its energy efficiency or long-term capital and financial planning. Jones said, "We must take a holistic approach and ensure that we are giving our citizens the highest quality of life, which includes economic growth." Jones feels other priorities include efficient organization performance; environmental stewardship; ensuring public safety, public health and well-being. Last, but not least, Jones said her priorities include to enhance cultural and recreational opportunities and active and inclusive civic engagement.

As the year 2017 comes to an end, Chairman Jones reflects on some of the successful outcomes of her administration including one of the most significant accomplishments and that was reducing the $8.5 million deficit from 2017 and still is able to pay the additional $2.5 million retirement contribution. Jones said, "I feel proud of this because we continued to provide services to citizens with no interruption while maintaining a healthy fund balance reserve, no increase to the millage rate, addressed concerns for public safety and mental health." Once 2018 arrives, we will revisit remaining Budget Improvement Requests (BIRs).

"Ultimately, the Board of Commissioners will efficiently deliver superior public service that enriches the quality of life within a thriving, safe and healthy community in a fiscally responsible manner, "Jones said.

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