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The Douglas County Communications and Community Relations Department has announced Stanley Jaglinski will serve as Station Manager of dctv23 in addition to his current role of Assistant Communications Director and Lena Hardy will be joining the team as a Communications and Media Specialist on January 16, 2018. Jaglinski, more commonly known as "TJ" has been with the Douglas County government for 15 years and has proven himself as a dedicated, hard-working and dependable individual working around the clock to help the county's government access channel operate smoothly.

Jaglinski now works heavily in TV production, but his career began in the field of education. Jaglinski earned his Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of West Georgia as well as a Master's Degree in Early Education from Piedmont College. The experience from his college education encouraged him to go into teaching physical education and health in elementary school. Jaglinski also taught at Alexander High School in Douglasville and coached soccer as well before joining Douglas County government.

When asked who inspired Jaglinski to enter the field of broadcasting and video production, TJ credits his uncle, Ken Limardo, a former videographer for WAGA-TV, Channel 5 in Atlanta as being his inspiration. "I remembered many years ago, my Uncle Limardo began filming me in the parking lot after he gave us a tour of the TV station and that stuck with me," Jaglinski said.

Jaglinski finds great value in what he does. "I believe it's important to maintain excitement in your job and with new technology, new techniques, I'm always learning," Jaglinski said. "It makes it exciting to be part of ongoing technology," Jaglinski said. Proud to call Douglas County home, Jaglinski has strong roots embedded in this area. "I have a vested interest in Douglas County. I was born and raised here in Douglas County, and now my wife Amber and I are raising my children here," Jaglinski said.

Hardy currently works as the Electronic Records and Information Coordinator for the Douglas County Board of Commissioners but is no stranger to the Communications and Community Relations Department. Hardy serves as a co-host for 8700, a news program on the county government access channel dctv23. She also serves as guest host of Douglas County News Exchange as well.

Hardy was a key volunteer who worked behind the scenes to help organize the 2017 Veterans Day Lighted Parade spearheaded by the Communications and Community Relations Department. Hardy earned a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication and Film with a concentration in Broadcast News at the University of Alabama after graduating from Lithia Springs High School.

Hardy is the daughter of LTC (retired) Anthony Hardy, Sr., and Jacqueline Hardy, a Douglas County educator. Looking forward to joining the department, Hardy sad she's grateful for the opportunity to serve her home of Douglas County as the Communications and Media Specialist. "I look forward to learning and growing within the Communications and Community Relations Department," Hardy said.

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