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Teams of field appraisers from the Douglas County Appraisal Department are conducting door-to-door property reviews in southern Douglas County. These field appraisals are required by Georgia law to be conducted every 3 - 4 years to ensure that property descriptions, construction, and amenities are properly recorded.

The areas in southern Douglas County that will be surveyed during the Winter of 2018 - Spring 2018 include the area west of Highway 5 and north of the Dog River.

The teams of field appraisers will wear County logo shirts and jackets, and have County identification. They will be driving a vehicle with a County Seal. They will have business cards listing their name, phone number and e-mail addresses.

If a resident is at home when the appraisers visit, they will verify the property information the County has on file. They will not enter the residence unless invited in to view changes to the property information. They will conduct an outside inspection.

If a resident is not at home when the appraisers visit, they will conduct an outside inspection and leave a card/door hanger informing the resident that they were there. The appraisers will not go through/over a locked gate. If a resident has a locked gate, the resident is asked to call the Douglas County Appraisal Department at 770.920.7228 to schedule an appointment when the appraisers can meet the property owner on site.

For further information, residents can contact the Appraisal department at 770.920.7228.

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