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Douglasville, Georgia – Valerie Gordon has joined the Douglas County Juvenile Public Defender's office, marking the first time in history that Douglas County Juvenile Court has had the Juvenile Public Defender's office within the courthouse. In the past, a private firm provided this particular service on a contractual basis.

As the lead for the Juvenile Public Defender's office, Gordon is responsible for providing defense for children charged with delinquent acts including traffic violations. She will also provide representation for children who face truancy issues, who are runaways and are considered to be ungovernable. Gordon considers herself to be an advocate for appropriate services for children who are found to be in need of services such as treatment or rehabilitation.

"Children need and deserve for their voices to be heard and I enjoy making that happen for them," Gordon said. "I enjoy helping the most troubled child see a glimmer of positive light within themselves, and I love helping the child in foster care through their journey of reuniting with their family or finding love in a new family altogether," Gordon stated. "I enjoy giving a child who is facing serious delinquent charges another chance for achieving success. To be able to serve an underserved population is a privilege and one that I am grateful to have."

Before her current role in Douglas County, Gordon worked as a child's attorney and guardian ad litem in Paulding County Juvenile Court representing children in foster care. In addition to public practice, Gordon comes with private practice as an attorney also. Gordon received her education from Spelman College and Thomas Cooley Law School.

Gordon resides in Douglas County with her husband Cliff and their three children.

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