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Douglas County officially unveiled the "Connect Douglas" branding for its transit and mobility services during an Open House Oct. 23.

More than 100 guests attended the Open House at which Connect Douglas Director Gary Watson lovingly joked, "Welcome to a retirement party!" His comment was in reference to the "Rideshare" brand being replaced by Connect Douglas. Rideshare has been the brand for the county's vanpool service, Voucher program for senior adults and disabled, Xpress bus service, construction of ridesharing facilities that are among the best in the state, and transit planning and coordination activities since 1986.

Speaking to begin the festivities at the Douglas County Transportation Center, Watson said the Rideshare brand has been of great service to Douglas County and has earned its retirement. "Rideshare was with us as our vanpool program grew from 4 routes to a high of 62," he said. "Rideshare was with us as we built this beautiful Transportation Center and three park and ride lots. Rideshare was with us as we worked with the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority to bring Xpress bus service to Douglas County. Rideshare was with us as we started our senior Voucher program. Rideshare was with us as we won numerous awards and platitudes. And finally, Rideshare was with us as we started the effort to bring our own bus service to Douglas County."

"Job well done, Rideshare," Watson smiled. "Job well done."

But with Douglas County's increased emphasis on transit and mobility services, Watson said it is time for a name that more reflects those efforts. "We believe Connect Douglas is more in tune with our mission, which is to connect Douglas County residents with the places they need to get to, such as shopping, doctor appointments, the bank, the pharmacy, the courthouse, and even to visit with friends and family," he explained.

Special guest speakers were Dr. Romona Jackson-Jones, chair of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners, and District Two Commissioner Kelly Robinson, who is chairman of the county's Transportation Committee. Both expressed excitement over the future of transit and mobility services under the brand Connect Douglas.

Guests got their first look at the new graphics for Connect Douglas. The bright, crisp blue and green brand was on two of the vehicles in the Connect Douglas fleet, and guests were treated to ballpoint pens, tote bags and t-shirts with the new branding. Watson told the guests, "We are proud of everything we accomplished under the Rideshare name, but we are thrilled about our future under Connect Douglas."

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