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Douglasville, Ga. – The Douglas County Department of Communications and Community Relations through the Board of Commissioners has released the schedule for the 2019. In the 15th season of the program, the gallery will feature and celebrate local artists each month by hosting his or her work on the third floor of the Douglas County Courthouse atrium.

Each month has a specific theme. The first four months continue the tradition of exhibiting works by Douglas County students, beginning with high schools in January, middle schools in February, Youth Art Month in March, and elementary students in April. The rest of the 2019 season offers a wide variety of artists and themes and is available in corresponding graphic.

The 2018 Courthouse Gallery schedule finishes the year with "Food! Food! Food! Exhibit in October, Thankful Things exhibit in November and in December, a special exhibit titled "Tis The Season."

For more information about the Courthouse Art Gallery visit the Communications and Community Relations Department at or call 770-920-7303.

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