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Douglasville, Ga - The Douglas County Fire Department continues its investigation into the cause of a fire on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at the Public Works facility on Chicago Avenue.

"A full assessment as to the extent of the damage to the building and the DOT equipment stored inside has not been completed," said Miguel Valentin, Director of Transportation for Douglas County. "The paving equipment which received some of the heaviest damage is the equipment utilized for road paving." The equipment used for patching and pothole repairs was not damaged by the fire.

"The Douglas County Department of Transportation maintenance operations, which handles pothole repairs, was not affected by the fire," said Valentin. "In fact we currently have several field crews working on pothole repairs now."

"We have all hands on deck responding to pothole repairs and operations to respond are not being hindered by the fire," said Director of Communications & Community Relations Rick Martin.

For more information, you can contact the Douglas County Communications and Community Relations department at 770-920-7303.

Photo: Douglas County Dept. of Transportation Workers repairing pot holes 1/24/19

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