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Douglasville, GA - Douglas County's Victim Services Director, Lynn Abass, was recently awarded the 2019 Solicitor General's Victim Advocate of the Year award. She was nominated for the award due to the hard work she has done, and for her devotion to helping others.

Lynn Abass manages all aspects of grant writing, reporting, and implementation of Douglas County's victim services unit. She started in the Douglas County DA's Office in 1998 where she helped to develop the victim unit and also created policies that are still implemented to this day. She then became the first victim advocate in the Solicitor-General's Office in 2007.

She helped to expand the victim unit through using grant funding to develop new positions that would be able to address the specific needs of victims, to include the Domestic Violence Unit. She leads the Victim Services Unit in providing services to the survivors of Vehicular Homicide Victims by offering emotional support, navigation through the criminal justice process, and resources. Due to her hard work in networking with organizations she is able to provide victims of sexual exploitation with in-depth services that provide them with relocation assistance to be able to break the cycle of victimization in their lives.

To keep up with the latest legislation Lynn Abass attends conferences, panels, trainings, researches, and maintains strong ties with leaders in the field. Due to being a longstanding leader in Victim Services she functions as a referral source for other agencies in Douglas County.

In her personal time she is dedicated to volunteering to serve the Douglas County Community. For 4 years she has served on the Douglas County Task Force Executive Board, and was committee chair for 5 years. Currently she is serving on the domestic violence protocol subcommittee. READing PAWS Program in Douglas County libraries is a program that she initiated along with utilizing therapy dogs for victim assistance in court cases. Lynn Abass is also passionate about volunteering at special events in the community with her therapy dogs, Livi and Cleo. She underwent and completed treatment for cancer throughout 2018-2019 while still maintaining an active role as a Victim Advocate, Supervisor, and community member.

""Lynn was born a victim advocate with her calming presence and positive attitude there is no one like her," said the Director of the Douglas County Task Force on Family Violence, Barbara Hogan. "Lynn's passion to help others in her professional life is carried into her personal life as she works with rescued dogs turning them into service dogs to help children read. Lynn's life has been dedicated to victims of all types."

Douglas County is proud and fortunate to have Lynn Abass as our Victim Services Director in the Douglas County Solicitor General's Office. Her devotion to helping others is limitless, and her hard work has led to great changes for victims in this county.

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