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Douglasville, GA - The Douglas County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted today 5-0 to accept a Federal Transit Administration grant in the amount of $2,000,000 with a local match of $400,000 to operate Connect Douglas, Douglas County's brand new fixed route bus and para transit service for disabled individuals.

Douglas County fixed route bus and paratransit service will launch on Thursday, June 20, following a launch party on Wednesday, June 19. More details on the launch party will be announced later. The grant is renewable for an additional two years, and will be used to fund the new transportation service.

In addition to accepting the federal grant, the Board of Commissioners awarded a contract to Transitions Commute Solutions to operate the fixed route bus and paratransit service. Transitions is in the process of hiring and training drivers for the new services. Anyone interested in applying for a driver position is encouraged to apply at

"Today's unanimous decision for approval of expanding our transportation services with Connect Douglas, confirms support of a strategic priority of mine and that is transportation," Board of Commission Chair Romona Jackson Jones. "I have always said my responsibility is to look out for our citizens and that's what I'm trying to do. I applaud my Commissioners and senior staff for answering the call of our citizens."

"We are delighted to announce that finally a mobility option is available to most of the broad community now that federal funding is secured." Transportation Committee Chair, Kelly G. Robinson said. "On a personal note, the passing of the vote for paratransit means the most for our silent citizens because now they can move with greater ease and dignity."

Gary Watson, Director of Connect Douglas Transit Services, shared his excitement after Tuesday's Commission meeting. "This is going to be a tremendous benefit to the people of Douglas County," Watson said. "It gives people the ability to connect to the places, events and appointments they need to get to."

For any press inquiries, please contact Director of Communications & Community Relations Rick Martin. For more information on Connect Douglas, you can visit

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