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Douglasville, GA - Douglas County Senior Services staff & volunteers spearheaded a red carpet special occasion sponsored by the City of Douglasville, Douglas County Board of Commissioners, Jones-Wynn Funeral Homes & Crematory, and Douglasville Conference Center. On Thursday, May 16th more than four hundred Douglas County senior residents gathered together for the 40th annual celebration picnic blast held at the Douglasville Conference Center.

Sharon Johnson, Director at the Douglas County Woodie Fite Senior Center, organized the event and was thankful for all the support she had. "I'm so grateful to my Assistant Program Coordinator Autumn Bridgers for her leadership and help in organizing the event," Johnson said. "And I can't stop thanking all the volunteers for helping bring this together. This was the ultimate senior picnic for me." Program Coordinator Autumn Bridgers said, "This by far was the best and most wonderful picnic ever in my ten years of being with Douglas County."

The response, the vendors, everything was such a tribute to the seniors of Douglas County. I have seen the facility, food, and organization. It was so much easier for us to do."

The red carpet event was an exciting new experience for many attendees who are still talking about it a day after. "Sometimes seniors may get lost in the shuffle of life, so to have the City of Douglasville and Douglas County put out the red carpet many seniors truly felt the love and appreciation from all who contributed to make this a successful event," said Johnson. "They felt really special."

People were dancing and interacting with one another while Councilman Sam Davis volunteered his efforts donating his time as the event's dee jay.

The picnic is also a time to recognize the oldest male and female with awards and a presentation. This year, 94-year-olds, Carrie Reid and Betty Keefe tied for the spot of female recipient. The male recipient this year was Robert Gruber who is 93 years old.

"In all my years as a Douglas County resident I've never seen seniors all together so excited," County Spokesman Rick Martin said. "It's an honor and a privilege to witness the extreme benefits of collaboration between the City of Douglasville and Douglas County and how much this day brought to the seniors who attended. "

Elected Officials from the City of Douglasville and Douglas County took time from their busy schedules to participate. Representing the city in attendance were Mayor Rochelle Robinson, Mayor Pro Tem Richard S. Segal and Councilman Sam Davis. Representing the County Board of Commissioners in attendance were Chairman Dr. Romona Jackson Jones, District 1 Commissioner Henry Mitchell III, and District 3 Commissioner Tarenia Carthan. "Our administration is committed to the needs of Seniors Citizens and that's why this event was so successful for everyone involved," Chairman Jones said. "I take great pride in our seniors and all the vast knowledge and sacrifice they bring to make us a better community."

For more information, you can contact Rick Martin, Director of Douglas County Communications and Community Relations Department at 770-920-7303.

Photo, top: Mayor Robinson, 94 year old Carrie Reid, Chairman Jones, 94 year old Betty Keefe. Photo, bottom: Oldest male present 93 year old Robert Gruber, Commissioner Mitchell.

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