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Douglasville, GA - The new Connect Douglas fixed route and paratransit bus service experienced a good first week since its official launch date on June 20, 2019. According to Connect Douglas Director Gary Watson, ridership was steady, particularly on routes 10 and 20 which serve the Highway 5, Chapel Hill Road, Douglas Boulevard, Hospital Drive and downtown Douglasville areas. Route 10 has been averaging 23 boardings per day and Route 20 has averaged 16 boardings per day.

The numbers aren't quite as strong for Route 30, which serves Thornton Road south of I-20 and Riverside Parkway. It has averaged 11 boardings per day.

Route 40, which is the connector route from Douglasville to Cobb LINC and Route 30, has averaged 11 boardings per day.

Watson said, "Certainly we would have liked to have had more ridership, but all in all, those aren't bad numbers. We expect the numbers will improve as people try our service and tell their friends, families and neighbors about it."

Through June 26, Connect Douglas staff has processed 70 reduced fare applications, 10 student applications, and 12 applications for ADA paratransit service.

Watson reminded local residents that everyone rides free on Connect Douglas through Saturday, July 6. He also wanted to point out that Route 40 is a great transportation option for individuals who work at Six Flags Over Georgia or want to visit the park for a day.

"Our two biggest glitches have been some buses not running on time and drivers failing to pick riders at our designated stops and other locations along the routes," Watson said. "I assure the public that we are working feverishly to correct these issues and are in constant contact with the company that is operating our service. We ask for the public's patience as we work out these kinks." Watson said Connect Douglas is also working to improve telephone prompts that direct callers to the proper staff members for information and to schedule paratransit trips.

"With the fixed route service being a new start-up, some glitches were to be expected," Watson said. "Despite the issues we have encountered, we continue to get many inquiries about the bus service and the need and interest is there." Watson said, "We remain committed to providing an economical, efficient and on-time service that increases the mobility options for all residents of Douglas County."

For more information about Connect Douglas transportation services, visit or call 770-949-7665 or email

For media inquiries, feel free to contact, Rick Martin, Director of Communications & Community Relations at

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