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Douglasville, GA - The Governor of the State of Georgia proclaimed the day of Sunday, November 3, 2019 as Retired Educators Day in Georgia and the Douglas County Chairman and Commissioners also proclaimed the same date as Retired Educators Day in Douglas County. It became official at the Board of Commissioners meeting on October 1, 2019 as retired educator, John Stone read the proclamation to fellow educators and Douglas County citizens.

The role of a teacher is to use classroom instruction and other methods to help students learn and apply concepts to a variety of academic subjects. Also, teachers are to make decisions about practice to help their students achieve their goals, both academically and through life. In a diverse society with a number of values, backgrounds, ideas, and skills, teachers are more important than ever. Retired teachers play a large role in the success of our communities especially when it comes to our youth as well.

There are more than 121,000 retired educators in Georgia, 28,000 plus of whom are members of the Georgia Retired Educators Association. The retired educators of Georgia donate thousands of hours of volunteer service and make invaluable contributions to the welfare of their respective communities across the state. It is appropriate that a day be designated for citizens to express their appreciation for the contributions that retired educators have made and continue to make for the betterment of human lives and for society.

"We respect and cherish our retired teachers in Douglas County because we know the dedication and work ethic they displayed during their years of teaching," Chairman Dr. Romona Jackson Jones said. "Each of them have made a significant impact and their work will show in the lives of our children."

From this proclamation, the Board of Commissioners call upon citizens to observe the day in an appropriate manner to honor and recognize the retired educators.

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