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Douglasville, GA - The Historic Middle Courthouse District 1271 on Post Road is one of only two former voting locations that remain in Douglas County. The other is on Chapel Hill Road. The one-room courthouse on Post Road was damaged by an unknown vehicle but renovations and restorations to the building have been completed.

After learning of the damage to the historic courthouse on Post Road, Douglas County Property Management was contacted and was able to determine that the building would need to be renovated back to its glory but the work would be extensive. Due to the damage, a special order of exterior siding had to be purchased. Property Management also discovered the front door, main beam and the handicap porch had rotten over time.

Property Management Superintendent Gail Woody recalled the courthouse was jacked up and the rotted beam was replaced after supplies were ordered and shipped. The Property Management team also removed the handicap ramp, kept the original front entrance, painted the building, and added a new sign that matched the original.

"I am very happy to learn that the renovations to the Historic Middle Courthouse on Post Road are done and it has been restored to its original state before the unfortunate damage to the building," Chairman Dr. Romona Jackson Jones said. "I would like to thank our Property Management Department for their hard work and dedication to complete this project quickly and with accuracy."

The little courthouse at Chapel Hill and Middle Courthouse at Post Road both hold plaques from the Douglas County Tourism and Historic Commission, which helps citizens and visitors identify their significance and importance to the Douglas County community.

For further information, you can contact the Communications and Media Specialist, Lena Hardy at 678-626-5642.

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