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  1. Douglas County Genealogical Society

    The Douglas County Genealogical Society has been providing quality genealogical research resources, services and education to the Douglas County area since our founding in 1998. It is our mission is to share and promote genealogy for the enjoyment and recreation of the members, and, as a public service, provide for the collection and preservation of public records which may be of genealogical interest to others.

    Rhett Williamson had dreamed for years of having a society of individuals who wanted to learn about their families. He placed ads in the local newspapers and talked of this wherever he went. Eventually, in January of 1998, 16 people gathered at the Douglas County Library to learn more and agreed to form such a group. A steering committee was formed and they came up with a name and proposed constitution.

    On March 5, 1998 the first meeting was held and the constitution adopted. With the election of Irene Jackson as President, Sandra Whittington as Vice President, and Rebecca Collins as Secretary/Treasurer, the society was off and running. Thirty one people (our charter members) were present for this meeting, the official birth of the Douglas County Genealogical Society.

    Now in our second decade, we are still excited about finding and proving our family trees. Over half of the charter members are still active and willingly assist any new members who need help researching their family lines.

    Many of the members are on the the Douglas County Cemetery Commission and have given freely of their time to transcribing the names from these markers in an attempt to make ancestral research easier and available online.
    Contact Information:
    P. O. Box 5667
    Douglasville, GA 30154
    Phone: 770.944.2093
    Web site: (opens in new window)