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Children's Voice: CASA - Court-Appointed Special Advocates

Children's Voice:  CASA, Inc.
Children's Voice: CASA, Inc. 

Katy Klein
Executive Director
8700 Hospital Drive
Third Floor, Judicial, Douglas County Courthouse
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Phone: 770.577.7228
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Be a CASA Volunteer!
Be a CASA Volunteer! 

Please visit the CASA web site at

...a powerful voice in a child's life.

CASA volunteers, each as an independent voice, advocate for the best interest of abused and neglected children involved in Juvenile Court deprivation proceedings.

You can make a lifelong difference in an abused and neglected child's life by becoming the child's voice in the Court system as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA).

Children's Voice: CASA, Inc., provides screened, trained, and supervised volunteers who speak up for the needs of these children, one child at a time.

Making a Difference in a Child's Life...
Concerned citizens in Douglas County felt children in foster care needed a more powerful voice in the Courtroom. There are approximately 200 children in the Douglas County foster care program. Children's Voice has matched up 54 Douglas County CASA volunteers with 128 of these children. CASA's goal is to have 100% of foster children matched with a CASA volunteer.

CASA was conceived in 1976 in Seattle. Since 1977, CASA advocates have helped more than 2 million children find safe, permanent homes. Last year, CASA volunteers spoke up for 243,000 children - about half of the children in the child welfare system in this Country at any given time.

CASA's on-going mission is to support and promote Court-appointed volunteer advocacy for abused and neglected children so that they can thrive in safe, permanent homes.

CASA volunteers work one-on-one with a child or sibling groups in foster care. They serve as fact-finders for the Judge by thoroughly researching the background of their assigned cases. CASA volunteers interview the child and everyone who has significant impact on the child's life (parents, foster parents, social workers, teachers, etc.), and make recommendations to the Court on behalf of the child in order to help achieve permanent, safe environments for these children.

Become a CASA Volunteer!

You don't need to have special skills or education to become a CASA volunteer. You must care about children, be 21 years or older, and pass a criminal background check.

You also need:

  • to be committed to the program - typical cases take 1 - 2 years to resolve and require anywhere from 10 - 20 hours per month;
  • to maintain objectivity - CASA volunteers develop an independent, objective and non-judgmental assessment of the child's current situation by researching case records, speaking to family members, teachers, doctors, lawyers, social workers, etc., and even visiting the child's home; and
  • to have communication skills - CASA volunteers prepare written reports that outline their recommendation for a child's permanent placement, and they stand up for the child in Court when they present their recommendations to the Judge.
New CASA volunteers complete 40 hours of training that is broken out between classroom training and courtroom observation. After training is completed, advocates are sworn in as Officers of the Court and then they have the legal authority to conduct research on behalf of the child,and to report findings and recommendations to the Court.

For more information on becoming a CASA volunteer, please call 770.577.7228 or e-mail

CASA needs your donations!

In addition to volunteers, CASA needs your donations in order to better serve these abused and neglected children. You can sponsor a child and help CASA meet the needs of these children. Your donation of as little as $5 will help these children succeed. Most importantly, your contribution will help CASA continue to grow so that every foster child in Douglas County has someone looking out for their best interests, well-being, and safety.

Please donate today! Any amount makes a difference in a child's life.

Please call 770.577.7228 or e-mail

Children's Voice: CASA, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law and in relation to your own financial situation. Please consult your tax advisor if you have any questions.


"When you're young, no one listens to you. To give a child a CASA is to give them a voice. To give them a voice is to give them hope, and to give them hope is to give them the world."
- Pamela Butler, a former CASA recipient who is now a college student

"Thanks for all you do have done for the Court and the kids. Words can never express the important work you do. When I see the smile on a child's face, then I know you have done a great job!"
- Douglas County Associate Juvenile Court Judge Michelle Harrison

"We are so fortunate to have each of you giving your time, your abilities, and more importantly, your heart. There is nothing more significant than the health, well-being and education of our children. As a CASA, each of you have a vital role as a voice for children in foster care. Your efforts make a difference in outcomes for children. You offer stability, caring and consistency in a flawed, fragmented system. I thank you for all you do."
- Douglas County Juvenile Court Judge Peggy Walker