Programs and Projects

Urban Redevelopment Plan

An Urban Redevelopment Plan is a general blueprint for redevelopment and targeting of public and/or private investments in an identified redevelopment area. The adoption of an Urban Redevelopment Plan is the first step in the process of receiving an Opportunity Zone designation.

Thornton/Bankhead Urban Redevelopment Plan

The Urban Redevelopment Plan for portions of Thornton Road and Bankhead Highway was adopted on Tuesday, June 5, 2012.

Opportunity Zone

The Opportunity Zone narrative is also available for review.

Proposed Expansion of Thornton Road Urban Redevelopment Area/Opportunity Zone

In February 2013, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners gave approval to prepare a proposed expansion to the Thornton Road Urban Redevelopment Plan and to the Opportunity Zone. The proposed expansion is outlined in the downloadable documents section and is anticipated to have a public hearing in April 2013.