The Purchasing Department is established for the effective, lawful and ethical procurement of goods and services for the County government. The County has a responsibility to its residents to ensure that the maximum value is obtained for each Public dollar spent. The spending of Public funds is performed in a manner consistent with good purchasing principles and practices, and in accordance with our local ordinances, State and Federal laws.

The Purchasing Director is responsible for: 

  • The procurement of all materials, supplies, equipment and services required by County departments and agencies
  • Establishing and administering purchasing policies
  • Defining how to obtain savings and coordinate purchasing procedures

The Department’s foremost consideration is serving the needs of the County departments, making certain the County departments receive their goods and services in a timely manner and within their allocated budgets, enabling them to conduct their specific missions.


For any Purchasing Department to be truly effective, there must be full cooperation between all work units, departments and the Purchasing Department. To obtain the greatest value for every dollar spent, it is necessary to follow a set of procedures when purchases are made. Douglas County’s centralized purchasing system provides and promotes better internal control, more complete accounting control, and the preparation of accurate financial reports. In addition, the purchasing power of all departments is pooled so that lower prices and better service are usually attained.

  1. Forms and Documents
  2. Purchase Order Policy