Unified Development Code

The adopted Unified Development Code serves as a development guide to proper installation of permanent and temporary structures and associated uses within the County. This Ordinance works in unison with the other adopted codes of Douglas County including but not limited to the Standard Building Codes and housing code. The Tree Protection Ordinance and parking standards are also incorporated into the adopted Zoning Ordinance. 

Development Standards are basically regulations that meet the specified values of how things are to be developed in Douglas County. They are also an Ordinance for the people, to help the people and make Douglas County a more valued and respected community.

The roles and responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners, Planning Commission and the Zoning Administrator are clearly defined as they relate to the zoning and development process.

Proposed Unified Development Code Amendments

The Douglas County Planning and Zoning Board and Board of Commissioners will review a series of text amendments to the Unified Development Code at a Special Called Meeting on October 6, 2020.  The amendments are scheduled for a final vote at their December 1, 2020 Special Called Meeting.  The draft text of the proposed amendments to Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, and 15 is included below.  There are no amendments proposed to Articles 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 and 14 at this time. A summary slide presentation outlines the major changes in the proposed amendments.  Please send questions and feedback to planning@co.douglas.ga.us.

DRAFT UDC Title Sheet

DRAFT Article 1 Adoption, Purpose and Applicability

DRAFT Article 2 Use of Land and Structures

DRAFT Article 2 Section 210 Uses Allowed Table

DRAFT Article 3 Restrictions on Particular Uses

DRAFT Article 4 Division I Districts

DRAFT Article 4 Division II Districts

DRAFT Article 4 Division III Districts

DRAFT Article 4 Division IV Districts

DRAFT Article 4 Division V Districts

DRAFT Article 5 Subdivisions and Planned Developments

DRAFT Article 7 Signs

DRAFT Article 11 Section 1105 Floodplain Management Regulations

DRAFT Article 15 Definitions

Douglas County UDC Code Audit by the Atlanta Regional Commission