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Family Fun Center

Subfacility of Deer Lick Park


Dog Park Rules and Regulations (PDF)

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Accessible Playground

The playground is open during normal park hours.

This is a non-monitored playground for children of all ages and abilities. Please use at your own risk, and adults must monitor their children at all times. Please excuse our progress.

During the construction of new tennis courts, please consider using the facilities in Deer Lick Park. The restrooms at the Animal Shelter may not be available depending on the operating hours.

Skateboard Park

The Skateboard Park is open during normal park hours. This is a skate at your own risk facility. Please know your ability and use the facility accordingly.

Dog Park

The dog park is open during normal park hours. It is located behind the Family Fun Center at Deer Lick Park. It is an off-leash park and is accessible from the Deer Lick Park Tennis Courts. There are separate areas available for dogs under 30 pounds and dogs over 30 pounds with people and puppy water fountains.

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