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Reduced Fare Card Application (Fixed Route)

  1. Connect Douglas offers reduced fares for the fixed route service to the disabled, riders 60 years of age and older and currently enrolled students of public or private schools, colleges or universities. Riders may present a valid ID with proper documentation directly to the bus driver or complete the Reduce Fare Card application and receive a Reduced Fare ID Card.
    Mail or bring the application to: 8800 Dorris Road, Douglasville, GA 30134 Or email with verification documentation to
  2. Reduced Fare ID Cards can only be made in person. Student Reduced Fare Cards expire after one year. Senior and Permanently Disabled Riders Reduced Fare Cards expire after three years. Temporarily disabled riders Reduced Fare Cards are good for thirty days up to one year. Reduced Fare Cards are not transferable and are only valid for the approved rider.
  3. If 60 and older, please provide only:
    Examples: Drivers License, Passport, state issued ID card, Military/Veterans ID Card, etc
  4. If younger than 62 but disabled, please provide the following:
  5. You must also provide one of the following:
  6. Students
  7. Check all the boxes that apply to you:
    This is optional.
  8. Fixed Route Bus with deviation/ADA Paratransit/Vanpool/SRTA Xpress persons with hearing or speech disabilities who need to contact Douglas County may place their call through the Georgia Relay Center at 800-255-0056 (Text Telephone) or 800-255-0135 (Voice Telephone).
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