Douglas County Georgia

Living. Growing. Prospering.

New Citizen Info

Welcome to Douglas County!

We are glad that you are here. Your presence adds to our diversity, and to our experience. We embrace you as new friends and neighbors.

You will like our low taxes.

Douglas County citizens enjoy some of the lowest property taxes in the Atlanta metro area.

You will like our environment.

We have fought hard to protect the watershed of the Dog River, our drinking water source, and we have not locally placed any water usage restrictions on our citizens over the past ten years (current restrictions are State-imposed). We monitor and inspect construction activities and ensure that erosion control measures are in place to protect all of our creeks and streams. We have not allowed the construction of habitable structures within our 100-year floodplain for over 25 years. We prosecute violators.

You will like our law enforcement and emergency services.

Our Sheriff's Department continues to be innovative in its programs, including joint task forces on Interstate 20 and community policing throughout the County. Our Fire Department has the most dedicated and caring men and women anywhere, and they fight for every life and property that is threatened. Our E-911 system is quick, responsive, and responsible, and has an enviable record.

You will like that we spend your tax dollars wisely.

We constantly apply for hundreds of thousands of grant dollars, so that we can expand our services and programs without having to raise taxes to do so. Grant funds have allowed us to begin a defensive driving class for our teenagers, to build a recycling center at the landfill, expand the Health Department, and pave many of our roads. We work hard to follow our annual budget.

We are one of the smallest counties in the State of Georgia in size, but we have worked hard to make us the best County in the State, regardless of size. Our per capita income ranks in the top ten percent of the State, and our poverty rate is in the bottom ten percent. We are working hard to bring in new businesses and clean industry, and to become the retail and industrial hub of west central Georgia.

You are an important part of our community, and we trust that you will enjoy your life here. Please get involved in your County government and help us take Douglas County to greater heights.

Information for New Citizens:

  • To receive a free weekly e-mailing of community events and meetings to help you meet your neighbors, and become involved in your community:
    dctv23, the Douglas County Government Access Cable Television Channel
    Subscribe to our newsletter.

  • To make arrangements for water and sewer service in areas of the County where service is available:
    Douglasville-Douglas County Water and Sewer Authority (WSA)
    8763 Hospital Drive, Douglasville
    View map
    Phone 770.949.7617

  • To permit a water well and/or a septic tank in areas of the County not served by the WSA:
    Douglas Board of Health
    8700 Hospital Drive
    First Floor, Development Services, Douglas County Courthouse, Douglasville
    View map
    Phone 770.920.7311

  • To get a Georgia driver's license:
    Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles
    502 Old Newnan Road
    Carrollton, Georgia
    View map
    (located across the street from the Carroll State Prison)
    For driver's license information, call 404.657.9300 or 678.413.8400.

  • To turn on electrical power:
    Georgia Power
    2525 Old Alabama Road, Austell, GA 30168
    View map
    1.888.660.5890 toll-free


    GreyStone Power Corporation
    4040 Bankhead Highway, Douglasville
    View map
    Phone 770.942.6576

  • To enroll your children in the Douglas County School System
    Register at:
    Murray Educational Center
    4841 Bill Arp Road (GA Hwy. 5)
    Douglasville, Georgia 30135
    (enter through gymnasium door)
    View map

  • To get help being a parent of a special needs child
    Georgia Therapy Moms

  • To register to vote:
    1. There are several options. Since you are reading this online you might want to access the voter registration application online. You can register online, or complete the registration online by filling out the form, printing it, signing it and mailing it to:
      Voter Registration
      8700 Hospital Dr.
      Douglasville, GA 30134
    2. You can register to vote at the GA Department of Driver Services when you get your Georgia Driver's license.
    3. You may come to the Courthouse and register in person at the Voter Registration Office on the first floor.
    4. You may also register to vote at any of the Douglas County Libraries.