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Planning and Zoning

Douglas County Planning and Zoning Manager, Ron Roberts Jr. AICP
Douglas County Planning and Zoning Manager, Ron Roberts Jr. AICP 
Contact: Ron Roberts - Planning & Zoning Dept. Manager

8700 Hospital Drive
Douglasville, GA 30134
Phone: 770.920.7241
Fax: 678.715.5366

The Planning and Zoning Department is involved in the safety, convenience, order, and the general welfare of the County. The Department is responsible for preparing and maintaining the County's Comprehensive plan, which serves as a blueprint and policy guide for the growth of the community. The staff attempts to provide guidance to every citizen, resident or business on interpretation and administration of the adopted Ordinances, such as the Unified Development Code, Development Standards and Sign Ordinance.

Unified Development Code
The adopted Unified Development Code serves as a development guide to proper installation of permanent and temporary structures and associated uses within the County. This Ordinance works in unison with the other adopted codes of Douglas County including but not limited to the Standard Building Codes and housing code. The Tree Protection Ordinance and parking standards are also incorporated into the adopted Zoning Ordinance. The roles and responsibility of the Board of Commissioners, Planning Commission and the Zoning Administrator are clearly defined as they relate to the zoning and development process.

Sign Ordinance
The Purpose of this Ordinance is to regulate the signs within Douglas County. This Ordinance is intended to minimize the harmful effects of signs upon the health, safety, and well-being of every citizen. This Ordinance is intended to set a safe, reasonable, nondiscriminatory, and effective regulation on all signs. The regulations apply to all new and existing signs. Non-conforming signs will be eliminated. Inquiries regarding sign code questions and permitting must be made to the Code Enforcement Division,

Development Standards
Development Standards are basically regulations that meet the specified values of how things are to be developed in Douglas County. They are also an Ordinance for the people, to help the people and make Douglas County a more valued and respected community.

Sweetwater Master Plan
The Sweetwater Master Plan is intended to highlight the interactivity between the workplace of business and industry and the residential environment to produce communities that are ultimately sustainable. One strategy to achieve sustainability is to work cooperatively across boundaries to protect and manage land to ensure all residents live and work near and have access to nature, areas for recreation and leisure, and public spaces that bring people together and connect them to their community as well as to provide access to quality jobs.

The Sweetwater Master Plan recommendations and concepts are intended to provide clear direction related to future land uses and the balance of non-residential development versus residential development, as well as a list of transportation improvements to enhance mobility and safety throughout the area. Plan concepts were designed to balance the area�s competing interests�residential development, employment-based development, freight movement, and passenger vehicles�and were informed by a market study to ensure that plan concepts are in line with fiscal realities.

The Sweetwater Master Plan was adopted by the Douglas County Board of Commissioners at a Special Called Joint Meeting of the Planning and Zoning Board and Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. The Sweetwater Master Plan is available as a downloadable document on the right hand side of the page. Given its' size, it may take a few minutes to download. In addition, the newly revised Quality Growth District guidelines are also available as a downloadable document,

Watershed Protection
The Dog River Basin is the primary drinking water source in Douglas County, and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners has been diligent in trying to protect the land inside this drainage basin from overdevelopment so that the quality and quantity of the water in the Dog River Reservoir will not be diminished. Over the past few years, Georgia has been in a drought situation, but Douglas County, due to our development regulations in the Dog River Basin, has not had to mandate any self-imposed water restrictions. The Board of Commissioners is committed to continuing these protections, which include a 3-acre minimum lot size for newly developed residential properties, an impervious surface maximum limitation on commercial properties in the Basin, and no industrial zoning in the Basin.

Code Enforcement
Our Code Enforcement Division may be reached for code related problems you may need to resolve. Such problems may include junk vehicles, litter and garbage, excessive noise, high grass, illegal dumping, illegal home occupations, traffic sight hazards, zoning violations, sign complaints and commercial vehicles in residential areas. The Code Enforcement Division is also responsible for issuing sign permits. If you need assistance with any of these problems and other development-related violations, please contact the Code Enforcement Division at 770.920.7383.

Transportation Planning
Transportation planning functions were transferred from the Planning and Zoning Department to the newly created Douglas County Department of Transportation in early summer 2003. Please visit the Departmental web page of the Douglas County Department of Transportation.

Planning & Zoning Board
Unified Development Code
Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Urban Redevelopment Plan
Lee Road Extension Study

Atlanta Regional Commission
Douglas County is part of the 10-County Atlanta Regional Commission, the Federally-mandated planning agency for metro Atlanta.

Community Development Assistance Program

Livable Centers Initiative - Atlanta Regional Commission

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Administrative Variance Application 2016 - 80.9KB

Article 5, Section 509 Quality Growth Overlay Guidelines - 123.2KB

Clean Indoor Air Ordinance - 53.8KB

Directions to the Douglas County Courthouse - 23.6KB

Drainage Basins in Douglas County, including the Dog River Basin (map in .pdf format) - 1366.4KB

Fee Schedule (effective 02/07/2017) - 76.8KB

Final Plat Application - 28.7KB

Hardship Variance Application - 173.7KB

Map Amendment Application - 115.5KB

Oversized Building Application - 154.5KB

Personal Care Home Application - 24.6KB

Personal Care Home Requirements - 80.4KB

Preliminary Plat Application - 30.7KB

Residential Accessory Structure Permit Walk-thru Information Sheet - 42.5KB
Residential Walk-Thru (Espanol) - 52.2KB

Residential Building Permit Walk-Thru Information Sheet - 45.6KB

Rezoning Application - 199.7KB

Special Exception Variance Application - 175.0KB

Special Use Permit Application - 184.0KB

Sweetwater Master Plan - 44627.5KB

Telecommunication Tower Special Use Permit Application - 184.0KB

Zoning Verification Request Application - 35.3KB

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