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BTFP Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

October 12, 2019
Join Beyond the Front Porch as we visit The Jimmy Carter Library and Museum in Atlanta, Georgia that houses U.S. President Jimmy Carters papers and other material relating to the Carter administration and the Carter familys life. The library also hosts special exhibits, such as Carters Nobel Peace Prize and a full-scale replica of the Oval Office, including a copy of the Resolute Desk. The building housing the library and museum makes up 69,750 square feet, with 15,269 square feet of space for exhibits and 19,818 square feet of archive and storage space. The library stacks house 27 million pages of documents; 500,000 photos, and 40,000 objects, along with films, videos, and audiotapes. These collections cover all areas of the Carter administration, from foreign and domestic policy to the personal lives of President and Mrs. Carter. This activity, transportation and lunch is FREE for students on free/reduced lunch and $25 for all others. Register online at, email or call Kascia Lipford (470) 729-3988

For more information, contact Kascia Lipford at 470-729-3988 or

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