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2016 SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax)

Terry Gable
SPLOST Program Manager
8700 Hospital Drive
Third Floor, Douglas County Courthouse
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
Phone: 770.920.7323
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Public Safety Digital Radio System Equipment
Public Safety Digital Radio System Equipment 
On November 8, 2016, the voters of Douglas County approved a one-cent Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax to begin April 2017. The SPLOST is to be divided into the following categories/allocations:
  • 32% Fire/EMS/Public Safety Radio System
  • 51% Transportation
  • 17% Parks and Recreation.
The SPLOST will last for 6 years, and the County's share of revenues over that period of time is estimated to be $106 million.

Riverside Parkway Streetlights
Riverside Parkway Streetlights 
Fire/EMS/Public Safety Radio System: 32%
In order of priority:
  1. Public Safety Digital Radio System: $16,500,000
  2. Ambulances: $225,000 each (to be purchased on a schedule for equipment replacement)
  3. Fire Trucks: $550,000 each (to be purchased on a schedule for equipment replacement)
  4. Aerial Trucks (Ladder Trucks): $1,000,000 each (to be purchased on a schedule for equipment replacement)
  5. Heavy Rescue Equipment: $400,000 each (to be purchased on a schedule for equipment replacement)
  6. Fire Station and Fire/EMS Headquarters Renovations: $2,000,000
  7. Staff Vehicles: $200,000 total (to be purchased on a schedule for equipment replacement)
  8. Computer Upgrades: $100,000
  9. Fire Station #9 Construction, Equipment Installation, and Vehicles/Apparatus: $4,200,000 (to be constructed on County-owned land on Douglas Hill Road off Thornton Road/Camp Creek parkway)
  10. Completion of the Fire Training Complex: $1,000,000 (Wortham Road adjacent to the Cedar Mountain Landfill)
  11. Fire Safety Education (mobile) House: $100,000
The Cities of Douglasville and Villa Rica will reimburse 27.6% of the Fire/EMS expenditures since the Douglas County Fire/EMS Department provides services within these cities (estimated $3,700,000). All costs are preliminary estimates and are subject to change. Project prioritization is based on the Fire/EMS 6-year plan.

Transportation: 51%
  • Resurfacing
    • $3,000,000 will be annually allocated from SPLOST revenues for resurfacing projects (total of $18,000,000 over the 6-year time period).
    • The $3,000,000 will supplement current annual funding levels for resurfacing, not replace the funding.
    • The highest priority/first roads to be resurfaced will be thoroughfare roads that are severely deteriorated. These projects will most likely be done by contractors. Approximately 15 - 20 miles of thoroughfare roads should be resurfaced annually beginning in 2018.
    • Residential streets will continue to be reconstructed/resurfaced annually by the Douglas County Department of Transportation staff.

  • Intersections/Operational Improvements (in order of priority): $15,000,000
    These projects are estimated to be able to be constructed with projected SPLOST revenues.
    1. Stewarts Mill Road/Reynolds Road Intersection
    2. Bright Star Road/John West Road Intersection
    3. Sweetwater Church Road/Dorris Road Intersection
    4. Chapel Hill Road Intersections from Soaring Drive to East Chapel Hill Road
    5. Georgia Highway 5/Douglas Boulevard - northbound right-turn lane
    6. Georgia Highway 92/Anneewakee Road Intersection
    7. Thornton Road/Riverside Parkway Intersection
    8. Georgia Highway 5/Concourse Parkway Intersection
    9. US Highway 78/John West Road/South Baggett Road Intersection

    Additional Projects (in order of priority if revenues exceed projections or if first priority projects come under budget)

    1. Post Road/Interstate 20 Eastbound and Westbound Ramps
    2. Georgia Highway 166/Post Road Intersection
    3. Georgia Highway 166/Chapel Hill Road Intersection
    4. Georgia Highway 5/Berea Road Intersection

  • Sidewalks and Bridges (in order of priority): $8,000,000
    1. Post Road Bridge over Dog River
    2. Lithia Springs Elementary School Sidewalks
    3. Chestnut Log Middle School Sidewalks
    4. New Manchester High School Sidewalks

    Additional Projects (in order of priority if revenues exceed projections or if first priority projects come under budget)

    1. Chapel Hill Road Sidewalks (various locations)
    2. Bright Star Road from Cowan Mill Road to Douglas Boulevard Sidewalks

  • Economic Development Transportation Projects: $10,000,000
    1. Economic development projects are expected to include land use studies, traffic studies, intersection improvements, and roadway improvements to help stimulate economic development.
    2. Current identified projects:
      1. Riverside Parkway Street Lights: $200,000
      2. Lee Road Extension Study: $75,000
      3. Riverside Parkway/Rock House Road Traffic Signal: $200,000

Parks and Recreation: 17%
In order of priority:
  1. Boundary Waters Park Restrooms/Concessions/Press Box: $650,000
  2. Boundary Waters Park Soccer Fields Lighting: $160,000
  3. Deer Lick Park Tennis Courts Resurfacing and New Lighting: $550,000
  4. Multi-purpose Recreation Center (25,000 square feet): $7,000,000
  5. Senior Center (14,500 square feet): $5,300,000
  6. Park Renovations/Development
    1. Bill Arp Park: $646,000
    2. Fairplay Park: $662,500
    3. Post Road Park: $24,000
    4. Deer Lick Park: $500,000
    5. Fairplay Park Lights Replacement: $400,000
    6. Winston Park: $539,000

    Additional Projects (in order of priority if revenues exceed projections or if first priority projects come under budget)

    1. Woodrow Wilson Park: $200,000
    2. Jesse Davis Park/Keith Park: $500,000
    3. Punkintown Preserve: $500,000
  1. Miscellaneous Equipment and Materials (infield mix, infield machines, dump trucks, etc.): $500,000 ($200,000 for 2017; $100,000 each in 2018-2020)
  2. Water Features/Splash Spray Areas for Boundary Waters and Clinton Nature Preserve: $2,400,000
  3. Winston Park Resurfacing: $200,000
  4. Dog River Park Nature Center: $2,800,000

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Douglas County G.I.S. Map of 2016 SPLOST Projects
This interactive map depicts the 2016 SPLOST Projects. *A special thank you to Douglas County Geographic Information Systems for creating these maps.

What is SPLOST?
A special-purpose local-option sales tax (SPLOST) is a financing method for funding capital outlay projects in the U.S. state of Georgia. It is an optional 1% sales tax levied by any county for the purpose of funding the building of parks, schools, roads, and other public facilities.

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